UCU Hosts Save the Mothers Conference

STM East Africa held a Maternal and Child Health Conference on April 26th at UCU aimed at addressing key issues in maternal health. The conference theme was "No mother or child should die or be harmed due to preventable childbirth-related complications: a role of multidisciplinary professionals." Experts, advocates, and leaders came together to develop strategies to improve maternal health globally. Dr. Charles Olaro, Director of Curative Services at Uganda's Ministry of Health, commended the STM initiative for its dedication to saving the lives of mothers and babies. Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese encouraged attendees to assess their skills to save mothers and ensure safe motherhood for children. Janet Apio shared how STM helped her open three projects in Bugiri district to reduce maternal mortality.

Maternal & Child Health Conference Report

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Save the Mothers promotes maternal health in the developing world through education, public awareness and advocacy. Based in Uganda and North America, Save The Mothers is part of a global movement to improve the health of mothers and babies.