STMEA Conference Delegates Arrive at Save the Mothers

Save the Mothers is delighted to welcome the delegates of the STMEA Conference at Uganda Christian University. This event marks an important gathering of experts, advocates, and leaders dedicated to improving maternal health and outcomes across the world.

Dr. Jean F. Chamberlain, a renowned expert in maternal health and the driving force behind Save the Mothers, extends her warm welcome to all attendees. Dr. Chamberlain's commitment to the cause is evident in the work she has done and continues to do, ensuring that mothers around the world receive the best care and support they need.

The conference aims to address key issues in maternal health, share innovative approaches, and inspire positive change across communities.

The arrival of the delegates marks the beginning of an impactful few days, filled with insightful presentations and networking opportunities. Participants will have the chance to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and develop strategies to improve maternal health globally.

As Save the Mothers continues to lead the charge in making a difference in the lives of mothers worldwide, we are excited to see the progress and ideas that will emerge from this conference. Together, we can create a brighter, healthier future for mothers everywhere.

Stay tuned for updates and highlights from the conference, and join us in celebrating the collective efforts to save the mothers.


Master of Public Health Leadership Students Gather for Research Writing Week

From March 11 to 15, 2024, MPHL students came together at Save the Mothers, Mirembe Hall, for a focused and productive research writing week. This event was specifically planned to help students prepare for their upcoming vivas and graduation.

Throughout the week, students participated in workshops on research methods, writing strategies, and presentation skills. Experienced faculty and guest speakers shared their knowledge, offering students tips and feedback on their work.

Students also had the chance for one-on-one meetings with advisors and mentors, helping them tackle challenges unique to their projects and get personalized guidance.

The week wrapped up with practice presentations, where students shared their research findings with peers and faculty. This exercise allowed them to gain confidence in presenting their work and gather valuable feedback for improvement.

As the MPHL students approach their vivas and graduation, we're proud of their hard work and dedication during this writing week. We're excited to see them succeed and celebrate their achievements soon!


Save the Mothers East Africa (STMEA) Appoints New Executive Director, Dr. Mushin Nsubuga

Save the Mothers is is delighted to announce that Dr. Mushin Nsubuga  accepted to the position of Executive Director, East Africa and will joined the team on 1st February 2024.

Dr. Nsubuga comes to us with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from Gulu University and a Masters of medicine in obsterics and gynecology from Makerere University. Dr Nsubuga is commited to improving the quality of medical care for women before, during and after pregnancy aligned with the Save the Mothers` vision to reduce maternal mortality from preventable causes.

We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Edward Mukooza who stepped in as the interim Executive Director while we conducted our search for a new Executive Director, East Africa. Dr. Mukooza has been a champion for save the mothers during this past year and we thank him for his contribution to our MPHL and MBHFI programs and for his guidance.

STMEA boards and STMEA Network welcome Dr. Mushin to this exciting role.


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Save the Mothers promotes maternal health in the developing world through education, public awareness and advocacy. Based in Uganda and North America, Save The Mothers is part of a global movement to improve the health of mothers and babies.